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Instructions for groups of children and other visitors

From Sörnäinen underground station, walk approximately 150 metres towards Harjutori along Helsinginkatu. The Kindergarten Museum is located in a large yellow stone building surrounded by a fence. ”Lasten hyväksi, För barnens väl” is written in large letters on the wall. The house has four floors, a cellar, an attic and many many windows. Step through the small gate: there are about 20 steps from the gate to the front door, which is flanked by large flower pots. Open the door, walk up to the end of the hallway, and ring the doorbell for the third floor. A museum guide will welcome your group.

After you have taken off your coats, the guide will lead you to the downstairs room where the exhibition begins. There you will learn about everything that has happened in the building, and about what you will discover in the museum. You will put on a work coat or apron, climb the stairs to the third floor and find yourself in an old kindergarten. You will do the same things that the kindergarten children used to do. You can play with the animals, build things with building blocks, string beads, listen to stories, play in the play house, spin 24 kinds of tops and do handicrafts.