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On this website you will find out what life in a kindergarten was like in the olden days. Children from the Ebeneser Kindergarten, Aino and Jonni, do many things with their friends here. They saw wood, tend flowers, make a wind spinner, build a tree-house, wash their dolls, sing to the chimney sweep, dress up as the baker and Mrs. Scarf, play house and take at trip to the harbour. You can join them in the kindergarten yard, hall and play corner. 

These pages present activities that took place at the kindergarten from the turn of the 20th century all the way to the 1980s, with an emphasis on the material in the Ebeneser archives. The pages are intended to inspire children and adults to carry out diverse activities. The materials are connected to the Kindergarten Museum exhibition and they present snapshots of the history of the Finnish day care institution. It is easy to make the contents of these pages a part of the museum visit of a group of children. 

Playing, moments of study and education through work were the central methods of early childhood education, even in the first kindergartens. A range of activities were planned around monthly themes. We provide some examples of monthly themes – a dog and other animals; a chimney sweep, trades and water – and how skilfully they were used in the everyday life of the kindergarten. 

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Work group:Silja Järventausta, textMarjatta Kalliala, University of HelsinkiInkeri Ruokonen, University of HelsinkiUlla Teräs, Central Uusimaa Provincial Museum     Hannamari Rechardt, Ebeneser FoundationTaina Sillanpää, Ebeneser Foundation, team chair

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